Rain won’t ruin my parade…or my Fireworks!

Well it was a fun-filled long holiday weekend in Crystal River with friends! We became experts at dodging (and getting caught in) the rain, but didn’t let it ruin the experience.

The Fourth of July started with a morning scalloping adventure. Despite my lack of strong swimming skills, I was able to find quite a few on my own (which is a sure sign of a great season!!), but my husband took the trophy setting a record of seven scallops in one dive! If you are not familiar with scalloping, it is essentially an underwater Easter Egg Hunt; you swim with a mask and snorkel in shallow water, and gather scallops that are sitting at the bottom of the sea floor. Although the meat is smaller than the scallops you typically eat at a restaurant, they are worth the labor of breaking and cleaning them to enjoy the delicious seafood treat. It should be noted…I took the trophy in this category – cleaning over a hundred of them for us to enjoy. YUM!

That evening, we attempted to view the local firework show from our boat, but mother nature had another plan as rain pushed us back to shore. Nonetheless, it was a fun evening that ended with a smaller firework show back at our condos.

Friday I took a break from the trip to show a new customer some awesome properties around Lakeland. Upon returning, the rest of the weekend was a perfect mix of relaxation, water, and quality time with family and friends. I think the holiday weekend was just what I needed to get re-charged. I am feeling refreshed and ready to take on a great week!


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